Scams in Indonesia

Scams in Indonesia

Zele Investigators Indonesia have seen sharp increases in scams in Indonesia requests across the entire range of customers; domestic and foreign wives, girlfriends, husbands, boyfriends, and even partners in same sex relationships. Furthermore, there are many warning signs to check for a possible cheating partner:

  • Frequent Trips to Indonesia
  • Unidentified Phone Calls, SMS messages, or Chat Sessions
  • Frequent Chat Messaging
  • Multiple Phones or SIM Cards
  • Phone Locks and Password
  • Computer Locks and Passwords
  • Unusual Cash Withdrawals or Credit Card Bills
  • Sending Money to Indonesia via Western Union, Xoom, Bank Transfers or Moneygram
  • Unexplained Money Transactions in Indonesia
  • Murky or Unknown Travel details
  • Inability to Reach Them While Travelling
  • Unusual or Unexplained Travel or Return Delays
  • Other Social Media Updates or Interactions

Is Your Partner In Indonesia?

Therefore, if your partner is in Indonesia on a business or holiday trip, good chances they have a girlfriend or mistress. In addition, it is very common for foreign married men to visit go go bars, clubs, discos and other places where friendly prostitutes are freely and widely available. With the low prices and wide variety of girls and services, it is not too difficult to understand their popularity.

As a result, the next time your partner is in Indonesia, contact us and we can help keep an eye on your partner. We can monitor what they do, where they go, who they meet, and if they are really being honest with you. If you don’t know exactly where they are staying, don’t worry just get us the flight details and we’ll monitor on their airport arrival se puede encontrar aquí. We will provide real-time updates as well as pictures and video. Finally, don’t get caught out, let us help you get the truth. To avoid scam investigations in Indonesia, you can also check on the following internet scammer lists.

scams in indonesia