Indonesia Dating Scams

Don't Get Caught Out!

Indonesia Fraud – Business & Dating Scams: Don’t Get Caught Out!

Indonesia fraud & scams are highly prevalent, both business and dating scams. Before the the Internet, it was much more difficult to get away with. Indonesia fraud & scams are easier than ever because of the Internet, where fake identities are easily created.  Furthermore, many scammers claim to be in love, even though their true intention is just getting your money.  

In addition, with Indonesia fraud-dating scam cases at an all-time high, we highly recommend for anyone to take the necessary steps to avoid Indonesia fraud business and dating scams. For example, running a background check, business verification or at least an identity check. These steps help minimize your risks. Check our Scammer Advisory for more information.

Do you really know the Indonesia business or girl that you met on the internet? Is that really her in the picture or someone else? In addition, does that business really exist? Are they asking you to send money to a personal, non-business bank account? Furthermore, is she really single with no children, did she go to school, does she work, and have a good background? 

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    What Our Indonesia Fraud & Dating Scam Service Gives You

    Our Indonesia Fraud & Dating Scams Investigation Service secures you from fraud by getting the details about someone, before you get too emotionally or financially involved. We use high-tech tools as well as ‘on the ground’ human intelligence and proprietary research techniques. Our teams of investigators and analysts gather information from various public/private physical and digital sources. Furthermore, the Indonesia Fraud & Scam investigation services provides you with the following information:

    • Identity Check: verify the name, age, date of birth, place of birth, sex, and parent’s names
    • Lifestyle Check: monitoring/surveillance to identify social activities and patterns, any relationships, staying along or with someone, schedule and other details. Zele Indonesia also offers dedicated lifestyle check service.
    • Internet/Social Media Check: check online and printed media to determine whether any detrimental information has ever been reported
    • Marital Status Verification: verify current marital status and history, name or partners, dates and locations of marriages, if not married overseas and registered locally
    • Child Status Verification: verify the number, names, ages, dates of birth, places of birth and parents of any children
    • Address Verification: verification of current address as per provided information
    • Employment Verification: check information related to position, dates of employment, reputation, performance and reason for leaving
    • Education Verification: verify whether the candidate has indeed studied and graduated as per information provided
    • Professional Verification: verify whether the professional certifications are genuine
    • Reference Checks: former supervisors and colleagues are contacted to ascertain past reputation and performance
    • Fraud, Scam and Blacklist Checks: verifying whether someone is listed in local and international fraud scam lists
    • Civil and Litigation Checks: determine whether the subject has been involved in lawsuits (optional)
    • Criminal Record Check/INP: check whether someone has a criminal record (optional)
    • Travel/Immigration Verification: passport information, current in-country status, travel history with dates, flight, and destination information (optional)

    Contact our Indonesia private investigators to get to the truth about possible Indonesia fraud and scammers!

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    Some Signs of an Indonesia Dating Scammer:

    • Indonesia dating scammers profess love quickly, without actually meeting you.
    • They need money for emergencies, medical bills, visa, travel, family emergencies or other




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